The Buzz Air Conditioner Size /  BTU Selection Guide

Room Size

Recommended BTU
10' x 15' 150 sq. ft.  5000 Btu. 
10' x 20' 200 sq. ft. 6000 Btu. 
15' x 20' 240 sq. ft. 7,000 Btu. 
17' x 20' 340 sq. ft 8,000 Btu.
18' x 25' 450 sq. ft. 10,000 Btu. 
22' x 25' 550 sq. ft. 12,000 Btu. 
25' x 30' 750 sq. ft. 14,500 Btu. 
25' x 40' 1000 sq. ft. 18,000 Btu.
30' x 40' 1200 sq. ft. 21,000 BTU
35' x 40' 1400 sq. ft. 24,000 BTU
The figures above are estimates based on average room conditions. Some exceptions are:
Kitchen Add 4,000 BTU cooling capacity to the recommended size.
High Ceilings/Unusual Floor Plans Increase BTU recommendation by 10%. 
Warmer Climates May require 10-20% additional BTUs per room over amount listed.
Masonry, insinuated vs. wood stud May require 25-30% additional BTUs.
What's the BIG DEAL about SIZING?
BTU SIZE TOO LARGE:  An air conditioner that has a higher BTU rating than the room size requires will tend to cycle off too quickly.  The unit will not properly remove the moisture from the air.
BTU SIZE TOO SMALL:  An air conditioner that has a lower BTU rating than the room size requires will run continuously.   The unit will not adequately cool the room.
Air Conditioner Warranty
All Air Conditioners carry a minimum of 1 year Manufactures Warranty for parts & labor, and most of them carry an additional  5 years Manufacturer Warranty on the compressor.

We do offer a 4-YEAR WARRANTECH "REPAIR MASTER" EXTENDED WARRANTY for all Air Conditioners. These RepairMaster warranties will mirror the manufacturers warranty for additional  years in regard to the services covered. Meaning, if the original manufacturers warranty offered In Home Repairs, Repairmaster would cover that service. Otherwise any authorized service center in your area will be covered. 

We cannot except any returns or exchanges on Air Conditioners. Carefully inspect package before accepting. Refuse any shipment that appears to be damaged. Hidden damages must be reported to the Buzz or manufacturer within 48 hours. Do not discard any packaging material or paperwork.